Louis Vuitton's take on the 'spot the difference' game

louis vuitton spot the difference ad game
louis vuitton spot the difference ad game

It's refreshing to see mass market brands -- whether they know it or not -- take classic game mechanics and inject it into a marketing stunt. While all too often this results in a mediocre advergame that you play for a minute and forget immediately afterwards, Louis Vuitton has rolled out a new video ad campaign that commandeers the ages old 'spot the difference' game experience and turns it into something worth gabbing about at the water cooler, espresso machine, kombucha growler or whatever offices have these days.

The new campaign features two 60-second ads starring fashion blogger Bip Ling, who is getting ready to, presumably, hit the town in LV Kusama couture (LV partnered with polka-dot obsessed artist Yayoi Kusama for its latest line). The game involves watching the two videos and pointing out the differences.

UK residents can submit the differences to @LouisVuitton_UK with the hashtag #LVKusama for a chance to win a copy of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, illustrated by Kusama. We presume that will include a polka-dot frocked Alice chasing a white rabbit down a polka-dotted rabbit hole or something like that.

If you're not in the UK, you can't enter the contest, but it's still amusing to try to find the discrepancies between the two videos. Below are the two nearly identical ads; see if you have what it takes to spot the differences.

Here is the second ad:

Without being too spoilerific, it would have been nice for LV to take this concept a little further than it did, but it's still nice to see that someone behind the scenes is dreaming up ways to inject games in unexpected places.


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