FarmVille Rainbow Adventure Countdown: Everything you need to know

A new installment in the FarmVille Countdown feature has launched this week, bringing with it a set of wild and colorful items. As with previous countdowns, this one will give you the chance to unlock a series of 12 different prizes for your farms, but you'll need to ask your friends for dozens of collectible items before you can actually claim them for your own. Luckily, we already know the contents of this entire Rainbow Adventure Countdown, so here's the full list, as discovered by FVNation.

Day 1: Ruby Fairy Gnome
Day 2: Fire Bull
Day 3: Mahogany Tree
Day 4: Orange Gnome
Day 5: Amber Dragon
Day 6: Amarillo Armadillo
Day 7: Manchineel Tree
Day 8: Environmentalist Chicken
Day 9: Turquoise Tree
Day 10: Blues Hound
Day 11: Wild Indigo Bloom
Day 12: Violet Sheep

While these items might not actually have rainbow color patterns, they do resemble a color pattern of sorts when you view them all in a group. Of course, if you win the full set of 12 items within the time limit (which will likely be a couple of weeks), you'll receive a final prize in the form of a unicorn. Again, there will be a time limit associated with how long you'll have to earn all of these items, so you'll want to take advantage of the ability to ask friends for items every six hours just to be safe. Good luck earning all of these prizes before the countdown expires entirely!

What do you think of these prizes in the Rainbow Adventure Countdown? Were you hoping for actual, rainbow patterned items? Sound off in the comments!