Fantasica blends role-playing, tower defense and trading cards into one on mobile

In keeping with ngmoco's recent fascination with mobile trading card games, the developer has just announced the launch of Fantasica on iOS and Android devices. Fantasica combines gameplay elements from multiple genres, including role-playing and tower defense, and then mixes those in with a trading card mechanic and artwork from Final Fantasy art director Hideo Minaba.

Fantasica's obvious fantasy setting sees players taking on the role of adventurer in a land of the same name as they can complete over 200 quests and timed events, like the Demon's Tower event that has been launched to celebrate the game's release. Players will collect cards and create an army that can battle against both computer controlled and real world players. Each battle is presented in real-time, with monsters appearing from the edge of the screen and your warriors attacking them automatically, whether they're an archer, warrior, mage or otherwise.


In this way, each card represents a member of your army, which can level up and earn increase stats, and the battles themselves play as tower defense rounds, as you'll simply drag your units onto the field and watch the battle unfold. Fantasica is free to play, but users can spend real money on additional cards, potions and more. If tradition holds true here, it's likely that new cards and new events will be launched in the game for weeks or even months to come, so interested gamers are encouraged to get in on the ground floor. If you'd like to try Fantasica for yourself, you can now do so by downloading the game on either iTunes or Google Play.

Click here to download Fantasica on iTunes --->

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Have you tried Fantasica on either iOS or Android? What do you think of this latest installment in ngmoco's series of trading card games? Sound off in the comments.

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