CityVille Sneak Peek: More land and a lakefront coming soon

If you're one of the many veteran, high-level CityVille players that has already unlocked every land and water expansion within the game, but you still find yourself struggling to place all of the game's newest homes, businesses, decorations and more, you'll be happy to know that additional land space will be added to the game's map "soon," according to the official Zynga forums.

That's not all, as this new land will come with a lakefront apparently surrounded by trees (as seen in the image at right). If you head into CityVille, you can already see some new land design, as a raised bridge and empty canyon sits at the far right side of the map, blocking access to the water from both the river and the ocean by what appears to be large cement walls. We're not sure exactly when this additional land and the lakefront will appear, but we'd be willing to wager that the bridge will become our next construction project, just as the game's first bridge gave us access to the land on the other side of the river.

Whatever the case, stay tuned for more on this (apparently) massive CityVille land expansion, as we'll bring you all of the news you need to know as soon as we can.

What do you think of the idea of a CityVille lakefront? Will you build another bridge to access new land squares or do you already have enough land to comfortably play and expand your town for some time? Sound off in the comments!