This is Zynga's gamblers only website, [Report]

Zynga Gambling site
Zynga Gambling site

UPDATE: We've been informed that, because Fusible cannot verify whether Zynga has actually registered this domain or that this is the work of a cyber squatter making it appear as if brand protection company MarkMonitor is behind it, the website has pulled its report. We've reached out to Zynga for comment.

Finally, here's your living proof that Zynga is not messing around with its gambling initiative. Fusible reports that the social game developer has registered the ever so clever domain, "", and has already started work on designing the website. As of this writing, the new website has a header with the Zynga Poker logo and some generic, inactive stat-tracking modules.

According to Fusible, the owner of the domain is hidden, but the current face of "" makes it quite clear as to who is behind the domain. Plus, Fusible has found an inactive Twitter handle for what's likely to become a Zyngambler brand. We can't say for sure what Zynga is up to with Zyngambler.

However, logic would dictate that it has at least something to do with merging the concept behind and its ambitions to be a leader in online gambling. Come to think of it, we're cautiously refreshed to know that the company's gambling and game divisions will be kept separate in the UK. Let's hope it stays that way even after the U.S. follows suit.

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