Five tips for how to best survive The Walking Dead on Facebook

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You've experienced the fake zombie apocalypse firsthand in The Walking Dead on Facebook by RockYou and Eyes Wide Games. But do you know how to make the most of your zombie-slaying adventures in the sweltering fields and cityscapes of Georgia? If not, that's what we're here for. Here are five best practices for how to best enjoy your fake zombie survival experience:
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Keep Down the Chatter

You'll quickly notice that, while at base camp, talking to other camp members consumes energy regardless of whether they have a mission to give. With that, only talk to your fellow survivors when they either have a quest or you need Morale to move onto the next mission.

Don't Make a Sound

When you can avoid it, do not shoot enemy zombies. Not only does it waste precious ammo, but the sound of your gunfire will attract a swarm of walkers faster than you can reload. That's just wasted energy and more chances to become cadaver chow. Even firearms can be used as blunt weapons.
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Specialize, Prioritize

Not all character skills were created equal in The Walking Dead. For instance, leveling up shooting would be silly, considering you shouldn't do much of that anyway. We recommend leveling up something that's going to affect the length of your play sessions, like movement distance or stamina to better survive walker encounters.
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Go it Solo

There may be strength in numbers--and, in a real zombie situation, there definitely would--but not in The Walking Dead. It's best to leave the teammates that you come across on the sidelines. For one, you can only move one character per turn in a mission. Secondly, your collective energy is spent when moving either character. Finally, these secondary characters will suffer Stress even if they did nothing to help in a mission. So, keep them on reserve.
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Play Like a Pro

If you want to play for free for longer, then it's time you step up your game and play each mission on Expert Mode. While this makes each mission considerably more difficult (as in making it so the walkers can move farther than you), you can also move farther and thus spend less energy. Plus, you'll get special bragging rights in your friend bar.

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