The Ville Flower Power Quests: Everything you need to know

Sophie has found a new interest in the Ville, as she's met a man speaking of a magical or at least life-changing "Dream." This feature contains a few quests dealing with peace, love, and even hippies, and we're here with a guide to show you what to expect when you begin these quests in your own game.

Perchance to Dream

  • Have a Flower Power Bed

  • Plant 5 Pink Tulips

The Flower Power Bed costs 1,025 coins and requires building materials to finish. Luckily, you don't actually have to construct the bed for this quest as simply placing it somewhere in your game counts. Pink Tulips, meanwhile, cost 235 coins each from the store, but thankfully, you can simply store any Pink Tulips you already have and then pull them back out without spending any coins! We've tested this, and can confirm that this free method works as of this writing. For completing this first quest in the series, you'll receive two XP and 75 coins.

The Inner Light

  • Collect 10 Dye

  • Collect 5 Thread

  • Collect 10 Rubber Bands

Essentially, all three of these items can be earned by simply asking your friends to send them to you, but you can also earn some of them for free if you have the energy and time to spare. Dye can be earned by clicking on cabinets, while Thread drops randomly when tending Dressers, but unfortunately, you will have to ask your friends for Rubber Bands to finish this quest. You'll receive two more XP, 75 coins and a Venus on the Halfshell painting for completing this one.

Family Ville

  • Put on a Tie Dye Shirt

  • Collect 10 Chrysanthemums

  • Ask friends for 10 Zen

While you're free to ask your friends for the 10 Zen you need, you can also earn them by tending items in the garden. The Tie Dye Shirt, meanwhile, is found in the clothing menu. You'll receive another 75 coins and 2 XP for completing this quest.

The Flower Power Bed

  • Finish the Flower Power Bed

  • Have 3 Lava Lamps

  • Collect 10 Big Dreams

The Flower Power Bed requires building materials to complete: 5 Hammers, 6 Yarn, 6 Chrysanthemums, 5 Tulips, 7 Nails and 7 Roses. Hopefully, you'll have most of these flowers already in your inventory, so that you don't have to either wait for your friends to send them to you, or wait for them to generate in your own garden. Either way, while you're working on finishing the bed, you can also ask your friends to send you Big Dreams (which also drop when sleeping) or earn the coins necessary to buy the Lava Lamps. For the record, a single Lava Lamp costs just 110 coins in the store. When you finish this rather complex quest, you'll receive a Blue Lotus Rug, along with two XP and 75 coins.

Sounds of Sleep

  • Have an Alloy Soaring V Guitar

  • Have a Jam Session on the Alloy Soaring V Guitar

  • Be a Super Star on the Harmoniza Karaoke Machine

While you likely already have the game's "starter" guitar in your possession, you'll need a different one to actually finish this quest, with the Alloy Soaring V costing 4,325 coins in the store. Hopefully this is more of an investment than an item that will only be used a single time, as that's a lot of coins to spend on just a single quest. Either way, finishing off this quest gives you two XP and 75 coins.

Little Sophia in Dreamland

  • Call Over 3 Neighbors

  • Cook 3 Margherita Pizza

  • Make Flower Power Whoopie 3 Times

To "make whoopie" in the Ville, you'll need to have a fairly high romantic relationship level with another character in the game, and then invite them over to your house. Click on the bed, and then click on the whoopie option, followed by the character you'd like to "whoopie" with and the process will complete automatically. It should be noted that most beds don't allow you to whoopie in rapid succession, so you'll need to wait some time before completing this quest. Speaking of completing the quest, you'll receive two XP and 75 coins when you do.

Ultimately, the last worthwhile prize in this series is the Blue Lotus Rug, and since these quests don't have a time limit associated with them, there's no reason to rush through the end if you've yet to purchase that expensive guitar required above. If anything, complete what you're already currently invested in and come back to these quests when you're ready to use that kind of virtual money. If, on the other hand, you're already a high-level veteran, you'll at least have something to do over the next few days to complete these quests in full. Good luck either way!

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

What do you think of these Flower Power quests? Do you like the challenge that comes along with this major building projects, or would you rather quests in the Ville be a bit easier and more straightforward? Sound off in the comments!

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