Mozilla makes its own FPS in HTML5 just to prove it can [Video]

Mozilla HTML5 game BananaBread
Mozilla HTML5 game BananaBread

HTML5 has been a hot topic in the social, mobile and free-to-play game communities pretty much since it was first developed. A coding language said to incite the return of Jesus Christ through your browser make all sorts of cool games playable in web browsers, HTML5 has made baby steps toward its promises. But no more: Firefox creator Mozilla has something to show you.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is BananaBread. Seemingly innocuous in name only, this is a fully 3D first-person shooter playable in your web browser that's quite the treat to look at. Basically, this game was developed internally at Mozilla to prove exactly the kinds of games that are possible with its slew of game-focused updates to the newest version of Firefox, number 15.

No, it's doubtful that this is Mozilla's way of getting into the games industry. But this is undoubtedly its way of showing that Firefox is ready to meet the demands of the game industry as it slowly but surely moves toward HTML5 as the next big thing. Throw in some multiplayer and a few more social features, and we wouldn't exactly mind if Mozilla decided to release this officially. It has an ironic enough title, right?

[Via WebProNews]

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