Jennifer Lopez's Old Miami Beach Home on the Market (House of the Day)

Jennifer Lopez Miami Beach home
Jennifer Lopez Miami Beach home

Every time we see a home owned or formerly owned by one Miss Jennifer Lopez, we find it harder and harder to imagine that she's still "Jenny From the Block." This newly-listed $40 million Miami Beach mansion, for example, which she sold to health-care entrepreneur Mark Gainor in 2005, is but another example of just how far the singer/actress has come since her days in the Bronx.

Frankly, we have no idea why the owners are trying to get rid of Lopez's old palatial digs. Obviously, there's the steep price mark-up (they initially bought the manse from her for $13.9 million), which adds up to hefty profits. But personally, if we were Gainor, we'd probably just stay. With gorgeous, 150-year-old reclaimed-wood floors, original keystone columns, elegant palm tree gardens and a 6,000-gallon koi pond, it's a home that balances luxury with true elegance. And those massive closets bigger-than-the-average-New-York-apartment don't hurt, either.

Nelson Gonzalez of Esslinger-Wooten-Maxwell Realtors in Miami Beach has the listing.

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Miami Beach Home Re-Lists for $40 Million
Miami Beach Home Re-Lists for $40 Million