The GDC Online Awards Audience Award is open for voting right now

GDC Online Choice Awards
GDC Online Choice Awards

If you could deem any--and we mean any--online game as your absolute favorite, which would it be? Now, don't just tell us--tell the world and give your opinion some weight with the Game Developers Choice (GDC) Online Awards Audience Award, whose winner will be announced during the third annual Game Developers Conference (also GDC) Online in Austin, Texas on Oct. 10.

The award is designed to give a sliver power to the audience in an award show with winners that are largely decided by fellow game developers (and rightfully so). So, the Audience Award allows anyone to submit an online game of their choice that's currently in operation along with their email address. Then, it's a simple matter of quantity, majority rules. It doesn't get any more democratic than that, no?

You have until Sept.14 to cast your vote, and the organization behind the GDC Online Awards, UBM Techweb, suggests you peruse the nominees for the current awards to be doled out. Plus, it should help to know that KingsIsle Entertainment's Wizard101 and League of Legends by Riot Games have already won the Audience Award. The choice is yours (... but choose Hero Academy). Vote away right here.

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