CityVille National Park: Everything you need to know


If you thought mystery trees were only reserved for FarmVille, think again, as CityVille has now received a new National Park feature that will see you collecting and earning bonuses from a variety of new trees in your city. This feature all revolves around the National Park Office, and you'll need to be at least Level 20 to access its associated quest, seen below.

Open a National Park

  • Upgrade the National Park to Level 2

  • Collect and Place the Pine Tree

  • Collect from National Park Office 5 Times

The National Park Office is found within your city (or in your inventory if there was no place for the game to "spawn" it, and you'll need to click it only once to build it. From there, you'll have a building that allows for 1,000 citizens to live in your town, which can be upgraded by requesting building materials:

  • 6 Camp Chairs

  • 6 Hand Crank Radios

  • 6 Sports Sunglasses

  • 6 Modern Camp Lamps

  • 6 Camp Stoves

These items are earned through the expected requests placed on your news feed or those sent to friends individually, and once it's upgraded, the National Park Office will have a stat increase to 1,550 citizens added to your town's maximum population cap. For completing the above goal entirely, you'll receive 100,000 coins and five Watering Cans, which we'll use next.

When you click on the National Park, you'll be able to "ask for trees" with the help of your friends. There are nine trees available as of this writing, and collecting at least one of each will give you the Giant Oak Tree for your town, this particular event's "final reward." You can earn Mystery Seedlings from friends, but will need to use 4 Fertilizer and 4 Watering Cans to actually grow them into adult trees. Your friends can send you Watering Cans, but bags of Fertilizer drop at random when tending a specific set of "National Park" buildings in the store, which includes the Calvin Cottage and Breezy Cabin, two homes that are available to purchase with coins.

It's interesting to note that while this feature is all about the trees currently, we'll eventually be able to collect both animals and buildings, as we can see from the locked tabs above, indicating that these features will be coming soon at an unknown date. We'll make sure to stay on top of things and will let you know as these tabs unlock, or as additional trees become available in your National Park. Stay tuned!

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

What do you think of these new trees, the National Park Office and the goal associated with it? We want to hear what you think, so share your thoughts with us in the comments!