CastleVille Mage Tower: Everything you need to know

Following up yesterday's sneak peek concerning Peacock Storage, magical and fairy-themed quests and more in CastleVille, we see Zynga offering high-level (or at least rich) players the opportunity to purchase a new Mage Tower royal building for their Kingdoms.

This Mage Tower costs 100,000 coins to purchase from the store, so it isn't an investment that many players will be able to complete lightly. It adds 295 Castle Points to your game, but of course, you can't simply purchase the Mage Tower and call it a day - you'll need to collect building materials to finish it first. The Mage Tower requires the following items to construct:

  • 5 Shining Orbs

  • 8 Gold Bricks

  • 10 Journals

  • 3 Gloom Elixirs

The Journals are the only item you can earn by asking your friends to send them to you, as the others must be crafted in your various crafting buildings (or purchased outright with Crowns).

Again, you'll earn 295 Castle Points for finishing this building, and will then be able to collect 1,200 coins in profits from the Mage Tower after that point. If you collect from the Mage Tower on a set routine, eventually the building will pay for itself, but I definitely wouldn't blame you if you held off on purchasing it until you had more coins to spend.

What do you think of this Mage Tower in CastleVille? Is your Kingdom full of royal buildings, or do you still have room for at least this one more? Sound off in the comments!