The Great Zynga Exodus of 2012: Four more managers are out

FarmVille sad cow
FarmVille sad cow

Perhaps we spoke too soon when we all said, "Things aren't looking so hot for Zynga." But would even now be a good time? The social gaming giant has lost four more managers from some of its top games and important divisions, Bloomberg reports. The guy in charge of Mafia Wars 2, Eric Bethke, admitted to his departure from the company this month, and that's just the beginning.

According to Bloomberg, CityVille GM Alan Patmore left the doghouse to join "hardcore" social game maker Kixeye. The outlet's anonymous sources report that Zynga mobile division VP Ya- Bing Chu and Jeremy Strauser, another GM, also bowed out this month. Oh, and the company's public stock has plummeted 68 percent since its public offering last December.

"Zynga continues to lead the industry with the top talent in social-game development," Zynga spokeswoman Dani Dudeck said to Bloomberg in a statement. "We're proud of the teams working hard to create the next generation of social games." Between this and the company losing its COO, that next generation better come quick.

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