You Don't Know Jack on Facebook fixes its glaring flaw with Tokens

You Don't Know Jack Facebook update
You Don't Know Jack Facebook update

One of the most interesting Facebook games to release this year, You Don't Know Jack, will soon receive a much-needed shot in the arm. Metaphorically speaking, of course--video games don't have arms, stupid. Developer Jellyvision Games has announced that it will soon eliminate the need for Facebook Credits from its social game and in their place introduce Tokens.

The new currency will allow players to earn more free games without having to pay up, as Tokens will be rewarded to players based on their performance in each game session. Of course, Tokens could also be spent on Performance Enhancers and other collectibles that Jellyvision plans on releasing to You Don't Know Jack on Facebook in the future, like new commercials and more.

"Also, this will allow us to offer occasional discounted games, so instead of a game costing 200 Tokens normally, it might cost 175 or 150 – which is something we can't really do with our current system," Jellyvision wrote on its forums. "Don't worry, if you have existing Games stashed up, those will be mathematically converted to Tokens and you'll come out perfectly even."

Of course, players will still get to play once for free every day--our primary complaint thrown at the trivia game--but now they'll have a chance at more free games per day. You know, if they don't suck and all (like we do). Be on the lookout for the change, as it's coming soon, which gives you time to, well, stop sucking.

[Via Joystiq]

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