The Most (and Least) Honest Cities in the U. S.

Who's more honest: People on the East Coast or on the West? Redheads or bald people?

Well, the folks at Honest Tea ran a nationwide experiment and compiled The National Honesty Index.

Here's how they did it: First, they set up unmanned pop-up stores all over the country, where people were asked to leave one dollar for a bottle of Honest Tea. Then observers watched as people either paid a dollar or just grabbed a bottle and ran.

Then they crunched the numbers and compiled a list of cities with the percentage of people who were honest--i,.e., thirsty folks who actually dropped a dollar in the box before taking a drink.

Flip through the gallery to see the 5 most and 5 least honest cities in the U. S. You can find even more comparisons, such as bald people vs. people in plaid shirts, at the national honesty index website.

The Most (and Least) Honest Places in America
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The Most (and Least) Honest Cities in the U. S.

96% Honest

Fun fact: Seaside Heights was more honest than nearby Atlantic City.

97% Honest

Fun fact: Baseball fans were more likely to steal if they were wearing a hat.

99% Honest

Fun fact: People with kids were 100% honest.

100% Honest

Fun fact: Oakland was one of two cities that were 100% honest. 

100% Honest

Fun fact: People in shades were no more shady than their sunglass-less peers in Salt Lake City, the other 100% honest place.

89% Honest

Fun fact: Philadelphians with dogs were 100% honest.

87% Honest

Fun fact: San Diego women were 88% honest, while men were only 60% honest.

86% Honest

Fun fact: Men in Charlotte were 90% honest, while women were only 80% honest.

86% Honest

Fun fact: Miamians were more likely to steal if they were wearing sunglasses--which in Miami is a lot of people.

79% Honest

Fun fact: Brunettes in L.A. were 90% honest, while blondes were just 58% honest. 

61% Honest

Fun Fact: Though technically not its own city, Brooklyn had the kiosk with the highest percentage of bottles stolen.


National Honesty Index from National Honesty Index on Vimeo.

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