Rock Paper Sumo looks to shake up Facebook in closed beta this fall

Rock Paper Sumo screens
Rock Paper Sumo screens

How do you reinvent the age-old game of Rock Paper Scissors while avoiding the mind-boggling (and completely unnecessary) complexity of monstrosities like RPS-25? Oh, and how do you actually make it fun? Well, throwing in adorable, hilarious sumo wrestlers is a way to start. Feast your eyes on Rock Paper Sumo, Frima Studio's original Facebook game coming this fall.

Originally released as a test project in 2010, Rock Paper Sumo follows a group of cutesy sumo wrestlers in a struggle to protect their land from the evil Sumo lord of Weevil, Skinny Shu. His tyrannic rule has stretched so far as to forbid sushi from the land, and it's up to you to make it so the people of Weevil can eat raw fish once again by defeating his evil minions in the ancient and honorable art of Rock Paper Scissors. The premise is about as silly as we should expect from Frima.


You can imagine the core play loop of Rock Paper Sumo, but you'll go toe-to-toe with the enemy or your friends (asynchronously, of course) as your very own sumo. Players will get to customize their personal wrestler with over 200 accessories and participate in tournaments as well as train their three moves, so that when their rock is up against another, someone will get the upper hand. (These jokes just write themselves.) Rock Paper Sumo enters a closed beta test on Sept.13. Learn more right here.

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