Pioneer Trail Pretty Ponies: Everything you need to know

If you're a horse collector in Pioneer Trail, the game's newest feature is right up your alley, as it will see you collecting "pretty ponies" via a new Horse Training Center. This feature is available to users that have reach at least Level 16, and it will see you unlocking six new horse varieties that can be stored in the Show Pen after you complete this event. As with most events, this one comes with goals to complete, and we're here with a guide for those goals, straight from Zynga.

Rearin' Up

  • Place the Training Center

  • Buy & Place a Beautiful Breeding Horse

  • Feed the Beautiful Breed Horse 3 Times

Rewards: 250 XP, 5 Wheat Ready Boosts, Breed Certificate (needed for the Training Center)

Hot to Trot

  • Feed Beautiful Breed Horses 15 Times

  • Harvest 30 Wheat

  • Upgrade the Training Center

Rewards: Spotted Saddle Horse unlocked, Black Bear Cub, Best in Breed Wreath

A Horse of Course

  • Tend Black Bear Cub 15 times

  • Feed a Spotted Saddle Horse 20 Times

  • Upgrade the Training Center

Rewards: Fjord Horse, 5 Sparkling Roses, Pooper Scooper

The Big Makeover

  • Harvest 40 Sparkling Roses

  • Tend Beautiful Breed Horses 5 Times after they've been Presented

  • Finish the Training Center

Rewards: Nez Perce Horse Unlocked, Best Breed Gate, 10 Sweet Feed

Exquisite Equines

  • Raise 3 Golden Bow Beautiful Breed Horses

Rewards: 10,000 XP, Golden Horse Statue, 10 Horseshoes

Throughout this whole feature, you can ask your friends for help and will win more prizes for each individual horse, like Chili, Hamburgers, Fast Hand Boosts and more, as seen below. This is a lengthy feature, but it seems well worth it in the end, especially if you love the look of horses within Pioneer Trail. Good luck completing this feature on your own Homestead!

What do you think of these Pretty Ponies goals and the Training Center building? Sound off in the comments!