Nun Attack will soon deal hilarious holy justice on iOS and Android

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It's rare for a game on iPad--or any video game, for that matter--to make you laugh out loud. Leave that to the folks behind Pocket God on Facebook, Frima Studio, with its next exercise in hilarity. Nun Attack, best described as a tactical action RPG, follows a crack team of gun-toting women of God on their mission to rid the earth of all things sinful and evil. The concept alone is worth a snicker.

It almost goes without saying that "sinful and evil" in video games defaults to zombies, vampires, demons, werewolves and more. More specifically, the forces of evil are now led the power-thirsty Fallen Nun, which has all but taken over the mortal world with a slew of demonic portals that spew forth all sorts of nasty creatures of the underworld. But everything evil has a weakness.
Nun Attack on iOS and Android
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Nun Attack will soon deal hilarious holy justice on iOS and Android
If action movies have taught us anything, it's usually bullets. Judging from our time with Nun Attack during a recent hands-on preview courtesy of Frima, that's most certainly the case for these four righteous (in every sense of the word) nuns. As players begin Nun Attack, they'll be hurled into a cartoony conflict that sees their first nun--simply known as Leader--walking across a war-torn landscape toward a portal. But first, you must protect Leader as she ventures toward the inevitable battle.

As players press and drag their way toward the end of each overworld stage, they'll need to deflect purple masses that bystander portals launch toward them with perpendicular swipes. If you deflect a purple flame ... thing correctly, it will careen back into the portal for some damage. Once you get the hang of it, you'll want to make a point of this, as destroying portals is the only chance you have at achieving a three stars in each stage. But on the good stuff.
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Once the nuns successfully make it to their destination, it's time to throw down. All forms of villainy appear around your team of three nuns--including the one-eyed Slayer, the indomitable Tank and the peaceful but stern Medic. (Players can only take three of the four nuns into each mission.) On an isometric battlefield much like the best brawlers of the '90s, players will touch and drag their nuns toward enemies to attack, with each weapon offering unique power and firing rates.

Even the early stages become chaotic exercises in time management, with players frantically touching and dragging their nuns to attack different baddies and to defend their friends. To level the playing field, each nun has a special power unique to their play style, like the Slayer's combo of invisibility and one-hit kills for a moment or the Tank's temporary defense boost. It'd be remiss not to mention Miracles, gestured-based magical attacks that players will discover in their journey.
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Like any stat-stuffed RPG, Nun Attack is filled with weapons packing unique levels of power, firing rate, accuracy and more. To compound upon the statistics shoved into each firearm, many guns can inflict enemies with stun, slow, fear, charm and plenty other status effects. Getting back to what's most striking about Nun Attack, everything from its art style to its animations has a tinge of Frima's trademark irreverent humor.

During our preview of the game, the Tank falls to the enemy in a hail of gunfire, and as her body drops to the ground, her dress is rustled to reveal calves and ankles covered in leg hair. Subtle humor like this was enough to make me laugh out loud, and will be enough to at least get a smile out of the more jaded crowd.
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If Frima's attempt at laughs won't get you, it will be the Sin City-meets-Cartoon Network artwork or its surprisingly fun touch-and-drag play hook. Either way, you'll want to check out Nun Attack when it lands on iOS and Android on Sept. 27. We're even told that Frima has every intention of bringing this bad boy wicked woman? to Steam and the PlayStation Vita.

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