FarmVille partners with AARP to reward helpful farmers


FarmVille players have often been given opportunities to thank their most helpful neighbors via themed promotions in the game, ranging from one concerning the Olympic Games to a Christmas event and more. Now, FarmVille has partnered with AARP's "Drive to End Hunger" campaign, and players are encouraged to send their most helpful neighbors a Tractor Pig as a way to say thanks.

To be specific, this Tractor Pig costs $1 US for each friend that you decide to send one to. This promotion window is found in the top right corner of the FarmVille gameplay screen, and clicking on it will show you a random selection of six of your FarmVille neighbors. They might be your most helpful neighbors, but they might also be completely inactive. If you don't see the particular friend(s) you'd like to send a Tractor Pig to, simply close the window and open it again to see the selection change.

Sweetening the deal is the expected prize for you, as you'll receive a Groceries Tree for your farm when you send the Tractor Pig to at least one friend. As we've said in the past, it's fairly easy to earn both of these items by simply planning ahead with a single friend. If you send them a Tractor Pig and they send you a Tractor Pig, you'll both wind up with both the pig and the tree for the fairly low price of $1. Plus, you're helping the AARP's Drive to End Hunger event, as 100% of this purchase price goes to the cause. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved, but you'll need to act fast, as this promotion won't be around forever.

Will you purchase Tractor Pigs for some of your FarmVille neighbors? Have you already received some as gifts? Sound off in the comments!

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