Zynga offers reassurance and a few sneak peeks for CastleVille fans

Are you having trouble making progress in CastleVille? Perhaps you've lost some of your magical abilities that are required to complete quests, or a quest simply never completes and disappears from your game. Whatever the case, Zynga hears your complaints and is working on the issues that have caused them, that is, according to CastleVille GM Bilal Bajwa, who has offered fans a bit of reassurance via the game's official forums.

This letter also comes with a bit of exciting news in the form of previews for features that will be released in the future. First, we know that a new quest series will be released introducing us to Alistair's old mentor/master Sal, and we'll also be given quests to help Giovanni with a new invention. While we're not sure if it's related to that new invention, a brand new magical "destination" will be added to the game, which is so epic that we'll apparently be "blown away" when we see it. Two final points of interest are a Fairy Faire that will likely bring tons of magical or even nature-themed items to our Kingdoms and the ability to store Peacocks.

Peacock storage is arguably the most exciting part of this sneak peek, as peacock feathers are required for so many different quests and crafting recipes that it's easy to allow your Kingdom to overflow with these birds. It's likely that a quest series will be released along with this building as well, but any official release dates for any of these features are still unknown. Hopefully, the issues are fixed before all of these new features are launched in the game, or things are only going to get worse from here. Want to see Bajwa's full letter? You can check it out below.

Hi CastleVille Fans,

As the General Manager of CastleVille I am excited to give you an update on the game and briefly share some of the upcoming features we have in store for you.

First of all, I enjoyed reading your comments about raising your Unicorns and helping Yvette and Raphael on their first date in the wilderness. I'm even more excited to hear your reactions to what is coming in the next few weeks of CastleVille where you will meet Alistair's master Sal, host a Fairy Faire in your kingdom, build a home for your peacocks, help Giovanni with an all-new invention, and even travel through a portal to a magical destination! The entire CastleVille team is working hard to unlock this new world so be prepared to be blown away when you see it (I know I was).

Even while delivering new exciting stories we recognize the frustration many of you have been feeling around posting to your friends, visiting neighbors, and losing your magic. Our engineers have been working hard at resolving these issues and while we've heard positive feedback from you, we recognize that not all players are experiencing the game at the level of quality that you have come to expect. I take these issues seriously and am personally committed to delivering on the promise of a great experience for everyone.

We appreciate your feedback and thoughts on how we can make CastleVille even better. Please keep them coming as nothing excites us more than making games that our players love!

Thank you for your time and for your continued support.

Which of these upcoming features are you most excited about? Do you trust when Zynga says these issues are going to be resolved? Sound off in the comments!