This is what the Philadelphia Eagles look like on Angry Birds [Video]

Angry Birds Philadelphia Eagles
Angry Birds Philadelphia Eagles

For marketers, it seems like Angry Birds is a drug that they just can't get enough of. (Or is it the other way around for developer Rovio and marketers?) Either way, Rovio and the Philadelphia Eagles have revealed what their partnership will look like when it launches on Sept. 4 in Angry Birds Friends on Facebook. Surprise: It's a bunch of themed Angry Birds levels.

There will be 16 Eagles-themed Angry Birds levels, to be exact. Fittingly enough, each special Angry Birds level will unlock in time with the 16 games in the professional football season. But that's not all: This edition of everybody's favorite bird launcher (are there others?) will unleash the Mighty Philadelphia Eagle, a branded play on the franchise's level-destroying unit.

But what's most interesting about this update is that, to coincide with the release on Facebook, Rovio and the Eagles will put on a real-life version of Angry Birds during the Eagles' Back to Football event. Happening at Love Park in Philadelphia, Sept. 4 starting at 11:30 a.m., the event is free and open to the public. So, there's that (for you Philadelphians, at least).

[Via: Joystiq]

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