Pioneer Trail: Play ChefVille for tons of free food

Zynga's newest Facebook game, ChefVille, is all about food and cooking delicious dishes for your virtual guests. It makes perfect sense then, that its cross-promotion within Pioneer Trail would also be about food, but in this case, these food items will offer you energy on your Homestead. Any player that reaches at least Level 6 in ChefVille will be eligible for food back in Pioneer Trail, and we're here with a look at exactly which prizes you can expect to win.

The general setup for ChefVille promotions sees prizes being given out in waves as players reach higher and higher levels. That's the case here as well, with three sets of prizes being available in all.

Reach Level 6 in ChefVille ---> Receive 3 All You Can Eats in Pioneer Trail
Reach Level 9 in ChefVille ---> Receive 2 Huckleberry Pies in Pioneer Trail
Reach Level 12 in ChefVille ---> Receive 2 Crazy Cakes in Pioneer Trail

All told, that's a lot of food for just a few days of work, and if you've already played ChefVille for another game's promotion, all you'll have to do is login to your Homestead to actually claim these freebies. If you've yet to ever try ChefVille, make sure to add yourself to our Add Me Page so that you can find new friends that will help you reach Level 12 as fast as possible. This promotion won't be around forever, so good luck making it to Level 12 in ChefVille in time!

What do you think of these prizes in Pioneer Trail? Have you had any trouble receiving them after reaching Level 12 in ChefVille? Sound off in the comments!