FarmVille Mystery Baby Nursery: Everything you need to know


Is your Gift Box, or even your farmland, overflowing with Mystery Babies in FarmVille? If that's the case, you'll be happy to know that a new Mystery Baby Nursery will give you a one-stop-shop for storing these animals and eventually growing them when you've collected the Animal Feed necessary to do so.

The Mystery Baby Nursery is available to players that have reached at least Level 5, and it requires building materials to construct. There are three stages to the Nursery in all, giving you a storage capacity of 20-40 animals, so here's the complete rundown of items you'll need for each stage.

Stage 1: Capacity of 20 Mystery Babies

  • 15 Baby Blankets

  • 15 Pacifiers

  • 15 Baby Mobiles

Stage 2: Capacity of 30 Mystery Babies

  • 20 Baby Blankets

  • 20 Pacifiers

  • 20 Baby Mobiles

Stage 3: Capacity of 40 Mystery Babies

  • 25 Baby Blankets

  • 25 Pacifiers

  • 25 Baby Mobiles

Once you've completed the first stage of the Mystery Baby Nursery, you'll be able to store any babies you might have on hand, freeing up farmland or space in your Gift Box. The babies are separated by type within the Mystery Baby Nursery, so if you decide to grow any of them, you'll know exactly which ones to feed (that is, an Island Pet Run Baby is separate from a regular Pet Run Baby, and so on). Thankfully, you won't have to remove the babies themselves from the Nursery to feed them, as a simple "feed" button is available below each, allowing you to spend your Animal Feed when you're ready. Additionally, the building itself can be harvested once per day for additional Animal Feed.

Hopefully, this gives you enough extra space in your Gift Box and farmland to hold all of the Animal Feed you'll need to grow these babies! Good luck building this one on your farm(s)!

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