FarmVille Loyal Cupcake Doghouse: Everything you need to know

A few weeks ago, the Loyal Sunshine Doghouse launched in FarmVille, giving players the chance to adopt five new dogs without worrying about them running away or causing trouble. When that feature first launched, we were promised that a "Cupcake Doghouse" would release sometime in the future, and that time is now! The Loyal Cupcake Doghouse is now available to place and build on your farms, and we're here with a guide on building it!

The Cupcake Doghouse requires parts to build, and hopefully you have some of these items on hand from the first doghouse. You'll need 12 Chew Toys, 12 Dog Beds and 24 Tennis Balls to finish the construction of the Cupcake Doghouse, and when its finished, you'll receive your first dog: the Bichon Frise. From there, you'll need to collect Dog Treats to unlock the other four dogs in the series, or simply purchase them with Farm Cash. Here's the rundown of prizes:

  • Silky Yorki - 20 Pink Treats

  • Silver Pomeranian - 40 Pink Treats

  • Pekingese - 70 Pink Treats

  • Parti Chihuahua - 120 Pink Treats

As with the last doghouse, if you decide that you want these dogs but don't want to keep them confined to the doghouse itself (that is, if you want to display them out on your farm), you can simply head into the doghouse and click on "Unleash" to place the dog out on your farm. However, they must be inside the doghouse if you want to master them, so you can thankfully place them back inside at any time.

After you've adopted all of the dogs in this Loyal Cupcake Doghouse, you can send your pets out for items that will go into your Gift Box via the "fetch" mechanic. This goes along with the treats you can harvest from the doghouse once per day, and you must have at least six treats (up to 30 in total) to actually send your dog out to fetch. As you might expect, the more treats you have at the time, the better potential prize you'll earn.

While we don't know specific details about the next farmhouse that will be released in FarmVille, we can only assume that one is coming. We'll make sure to let you know if and when another doghouse launches, so stay tuned!

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What do you think of the lineup of dogs in this second doghouse in FarmVille. Were you able to collect all five of the dogs in the first doghouse, or are you still working on that task as well? Let us know in the comments!