CityVille Pony Circus: Everything you need to know


If you're enjoying the Pony Ranch feature in CityVille, then you'll love the game's newest update, which has brought a Pony Circus to our towns. Of course, there's a pretty big catch, in that you'll need to expand out to the Pony Circus before you can actually utilize it or move it around.

This Pony Circus (and its corresponding goal) is available to users that have reached at least Level 10, and while the Pony Circus can be placed in your CityVille Downtown expansion, it offers no Downtown Value. Here's a complete guide to reaching and using the Pony Express in your game!

The Mane Event

  • Expand to the Pony Circus

  • Collect 10 Party Ponies

  • Have a Level 6 Pony Ranch

The Party Ponies are earned by asking your friends to send them to you, while the Level 6 Pony Ranch is the largest Pony Ranch you can have as of this writing. We have a guide to upgrading your own Pony Ranch, so take a look if you need help. Finally, the Pony Circus will be found in an expansion outside your city's current limits, normally one or two squares away. It should be noted that if you've already expanded to the full allotment of the game's board, this item will simply appear in your inventory.

Once you've reached the Pony Circus, you'll need to staff it with the help of 12 friends, or Bonus Crew if you happen to have any saved up. These crew member positions can also be filled with City Cash, if you'd rather not bug your friends or wait for them to respond. While the Pony Circus can't be upgraded, it does serve as a community building, giving your city's maximum possible population a boost of 1,780 citizens. You can collect from a finishing Pony Circus once a day, and when doing so will earn items that will help you finish the upgrade of your Pony Ranch, and ultimately finish the Mane Event goal itself.

Speaking of the Mane Event goal, when you complete it, you'll receive 10 Prancing Ponies and 5 energy to help you continue playing the game. Good luck reaching and completing this Pony Circus in your town!

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

What do you think of this Pony Circus in CityVille? Are you enjoying this new theme of ponies in the game thus far? Sound off in the comments!