The Ville Doors to Riches: Everything you need to know


Jake has launched a new game show in the Ville on Facebook, and he wants you to play along! This feature is similar to the countdowns you might be familiar with from CastleVille or FarmVille, in that a new prize will become available each day, apparently a week at a time, and you'll need to ask your friends for help in earning them.

In this first installment of Doors to Riches, you'll need to ask your Ville neighbors to send you collectible items relating to Moroccan themed prizes. Here's the full lineup of prizes, along with what you'll need to collect with friends' help.

Moroccan Oasis Lounger - Requires 5 Trivia
Moroccan Deluxe - Requires 11 Dice
Moroccan Nights Loveseat - Requires 11 Microphones
Jasmine Day Rug - Requires 4 Good Luck Charms
Moroccan Nights Sitting Chair - Requires 7 Smiles
Moroccan Nights Sofa - Requires 9 Hourglasses

You'll have just seven days to earn these items, with one item unlocking each day. Once the seven days have elapsed, any prizes that you didn't manage to earn will disappear, apparently forever. We're not sure if a new set of prizes will become available after that fact, but either way, you'll definitely want to take advantage of these freebies while you can.

In addition to the above prizes, if you win all of them, you'll also receive a Flying Carpet for your house. If you interact with it, your avatar can actually take a ride around its land. Again, you'll need to earn all of these prizes within a week or you'll miss out, but if you're running out of time, you can always complete the collection with Ville Cash. Good luck earning them all!

What do you think of this new Doors to Riches event in the Ville? Which of these seven prizes are you most looking forward to adding to your pad? Sound off in the comments!