The Best and Worst Home Transformations

Before and After: Best and Worst Home Transformations
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The Best and Worst Home Transformations

We love a good home makeover -- but not all home makeovers are good. That kitchen above? That's what it looked like after a renovation. Still, there's no shortage of awesome transformations out there. We've picked some of the best and worst home makeovers from real estate blog Ugly House Photos, which culls images from listings. The first 18 slides of this gallery show some of the most amazing home transformations we've seen -- and the rest show some of the worst. Click through and enjoy! And since we're on the topic of renovations, don't miss the cutest kitchen rehab story we've ever written.

This neglected home in Phoenix was snapped up for a mere $32,000 in 2011. Judging by the sad front yard and the dangerously crooked entry overhang, it's not hard to see why the sale price was so low.

Photos: Ugly House Photos

After a head-to-toe makeover, including a revived lawn and driveway, the home recently sold for $114,000.

The kitchen was completely outdated, with worn tile countertops and ramshackle cabinetry.

The countertops were replaced with beautiful granite and lengthened for more space. With gorgeous new dark wood cabinets, this kitchen renovation brought the place back to life.

In the dingy bathroom, it looked like the shower was being used as the toilet...

A new granite-clad shower, as well as a new toilet, sink and paint job, turned this bathroom into source of pride for the home.

This typical Scottsdale, Ariz., suburban home lacked pizzazz and inspiration. It was bought as a bank-owned property for $78,500 last year.

Photos: Ugly House Photos

With a fresh paint job and some landscape design, this home sold for $160,000 this year.

The kitchen was stuck in a time warp, with an outdated tile design and a white dishwasher that stuck out like a sore thumb among the old wood cabinets.

A bold, head-to-toe renovation turned this kitchen into a modern chef's dream with a clean black-and-white color scheme and an awesome backsplash.

The dining room was dark and dingy.

But the refurbished dining room is brighter and more open, with bright white walls paired with a black-stained floor and French doors leading outside.

The back patio of this home was hardly a place you would have wanted to host a summer party. In this rundown state, it only cost an investor $50,000 to buy the home in August 2011.

Photos: Ugly House Photos

With a new roof and patio flooring, as well as a new paint job, this backyard is now a place you would want everyone to see! The renovations to this home bumped its value up $105,000: It sold in June for $155,000.

The dining room wasn't an inviting space at all.

But now, the dining room is a place you'd actually want to spend some time in.

The bathroom wasn't anything to look at, with outdated lighting above the oversized mirror and an ugly paint color.

With a new modern sink, black countertops and new light fixtures, the bathroom is now one of the most stylish rooms in the home.

Not every home transformation is for the better. This home was in decent shape when it was listed in December 2010. But it looked a lot worse after vandals destroyed it in the summer of 2011...

Photos: Ugly House Photos

The kitchen is hardly recognizable after a huge hole was put into the wall and the place was ransacked. 

The living room was a cute place to gather around the tree on Christmas morning.

But after vandalism, it's no Christmas gift.

The house when it was holly and jolly...

...and the house after it was Scrooged.

It may have been a little too white, but this kitchen was still clean and put-together back in 2004. But wait until you see what someone did to it...

Photos: Ugly House Photos

We're not sure why anyone would think this color scheme is better. Blue and yellow only belong on a parrot.

The new kitchen looks so out of place compared to the rest of the house.

This stucco house looked like new when it was sold for $176,000 in 2005.

Photos: Ugly House Photos

But with the ripped-up roof, clutter and weird gated door, it's no wonder it went for only $27,000 in a short sale in May.

The backyard was ready for new grass and awesome landscaping, but that was apparently lost on the owners, because a few years later...

...all they had done to it is make it uglier.

This Southwestern gem of a home had a tidy front yard when it was sold for $149,000 in 2004.

Photos: Ugly House Photos

But clutter and weeds turned into a wreck by the time it was sold in a short sale for $38,000 this year.

The backyard was perfect for a family, with lush grass and a play pool.

But now it's a junkyard.


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