CityVille Skyscraper Neighborhood: Everything you need to know

While Zynga has graciously allowed CityVille players to skip the restrictions dealing with most home storage via the Equality Neighborhoods, Skyscrapers were still one of the largest groups of items in the game (literally) that couldn't be stored, that is, until now. A new Skyscraper Neighborhood is now available to place and build via an in-game goal of the same name, and we're here with a guide to both, straight from Zynga itself!

Skyscraper Neighborhood

  • Ask for 10 Power Grids

  • Place the Skyscraper Neighborhood

  • Complete the Neighborhood to Level 1

The Power Grids are earned by asking your friends to help you, but you'll only receive this goal if you've reached at least Level 31 in the game. Upon placing the base in your town, you'll need to start the expected cycle of item collection and staffing, starting with a slew of building materials:

  • 8 Green Hard Hats

  • 8 Blue Hard Hats

  • 8 Yellow Hard Hats

  • 8 Red Hard Hats

  • 8 Purple Hard Hats

As you might expect, these items are earned through a combination of general news items on your wall and individual requests sent to friends. When you complete this process, you'll be given just one skyscraper storage slot within the Neighborhood and will need to ask four friends to fill out the rest of the first block. This is an important thing to note, as most Neighborhoods give you two storage slots to start. When you reach this point, you'll have completed the requirements for the first Skyscraper Neighborhood goal, and will receive five Zoning Permits as a prize.

From there, you'll be able to complete two more goals and two more upgrades to the Skyscraper Neighborhood, collecting more and more Hard Hats each time. Eventually, you'll wind up with a building that can store 15 different Skyscrapers within it, hopefully clearing up your skyline and offering you plenty of reclaimed land space on which to build even more items. Unfortunately, you can't buy additional Skyscraper Neighborhoods in the game's store, but if additional storage options for Skyscrapers become available in the future, we'll make sure to let you know!

What do you think of this Skyscraper Neighborhood in CityVille? Do you have enough Skyscrapers in your city to even make building this worthwhile? Sound off in the comments!