The Ville: Complete your wardrobe with additional Moroccan clothing


About a week ago, The Ville's Moroccan item theme expanded to the game's virtual closet, as users were able to purchase Genie costume pieces and general themed clothing items for their avatars. If you were looking for something specific and couldn't find it before, perhaps it has been released with the second set of Moroccan clothing that is now available in the store. These items are brand new, with options being available for both female and male avatars. Here's a complete look at these new items!

Female Avatars

Desert Waves Hairstyle - 5 Ville Cash
Lowknot Bun Hairstyle - 5 Ville Cash
Moroccan Graphic Shirt - 1 Ville Cash
Sunset Dancer's Jumpsuit - 4 Ville Cash
Moroccan Shorts - 750 coins
Moroccan Swirly Skirt - 2 Ville Cash
Moroccan Sandals Turquoise - 500 coins
Moroccan Sandals Gold - 800 coins
Bejeweled Scarf - 2 Ville Cash

Male Avatars

Desert Tunic Blue - 1 Ville Cash
Desert Tunic Red - 1 Ville Cash
Desert Pants White - 800 coins
Desert Pants Red - 1,000 coins
Moroccan Sandals - 500 coins
Moroccan Fez - 9 Ville Cash

Yet again, there are more items available for female avatars than for male avatars, but we'll continue to keep an eye on things and will let you know if that changes in the future. In the meantime, shop for these items now while you can, as they'll vanish from the game's store after the next two weeks.

What do you think of these newest Moroccan clothing items in the Ville? Which ones will you purchase for your virtual character's closet? Share your shopping plans with us in the comments!