SimCity Social: Grab your free Mercedes-Benz Display before it's too late

Here's an interesting promotion: developer Playfish has partnered with Mercedes-Benz to offer SimCity Social players a free Mercedes-Benz Car Display for their towns. This item is available via the Mercedes-Benz Facebook fan page, and it states that the promotion isn't available to users in Canada, Mexico or USA. But guess what? We're in the US and this promotion totally works (whoops).

To try and claim your own Mercedes-Benz Car Display, you'll need to simply head over to the promotion's official Facebook fan page and click on "Get Car Display" on the massive image that appears. If this promotion is still active when you click the button, you'll receive the decoration within your game's inventory, and will find that it's worth a population boost of +25, which spans three squares in all four directions.

It's odd that this promotion is labeled for international players only, and it's possible that this limitation could actually come into play at a later date. For now however, it seems like the item is up for grabs for anyone, so you'll want to make sure to claim yours before it's too late.

Have you already claimed your free Mercedes-Benz Car Display in SimCity Social, or did the link actually stop you based on your country? Sound off in the comments!