Pioneer Trail Wild Grizzly Taming: Everything you need to know


Ted, the wild man in Pioneer Trail, has gotten himself into a spot of trouble and needs Bess's help in rescuing him from a White Grizzly! If you complete this series of quests, you'll earn a new crop, can complete some exclusive quests and will even have a new collection to complete in your game. We're here with a complete guide on finishing this feature, straight from Zynga, so let's get started!

Supply & Demand

  • View "What is this" for the Bear Rock

  • Collect 8 Bear Nets

  • Harvest 40 Passion Flowers

The "What Is This" task comes via the Bear Rock on the right hand side of your Homestead, meaning that this isn't a part of your actual Homestead. You'll receive 600 Ted's Affection, five Colorado Pinyons and a Durable Hammer. The Colorado Pinyons are needed for another goal in this series, and the Durable Hammer is required for building the actual construction of the Grizzly Cage.

The Trappings of a Plan

  • Collect 8 Trap Blueprints

  • Harvest 40 Sieve Stations

  • Complete Phase 1 of the Bear Trap

Rewards: 500 Ted's Affection, Wooden Bear Statue, Large Basket (needed for the building)

A Luring Cuisine

  • Collect 15 Small Mushrooms

  • Collect 30 Plump Huckleberries

  • Complete Phase 2 of the Bear Trap

The Plump Huckleberries drop at random when tending Huckleberries, which are now available to send and receive via the game's free gifts page. You'll receive 500 Ted's Affection points, three Crop Whisperer Books and Safety Gloves when you finish this goal.

To Tame the Untamable

  • Collect 10 Tamin' Whips

  • Collect 15 Bear Collars

  • Complete Phase 3 of the Bear Trap

When you finish this final goal in the series, you'll receive 400 Ted's Affection points, 2,000 XP and three Black Bear Cubs for your Homestead.

In addition to these goals, you'll need to complete one final mission that's available right from the start.

Rare Sightings

  • Clobber 5 Varmints

  • Find the Silver Owl

  • Catch all 3 Wolf Variants

The Silver Owl can be found by using the "Owl Trap" back in the Wild Animal Taming Event Similarly, the wolf variants are captured using the Wolf Trap from the same event, so you'll need to check out our guide to that particular feature to catch up. You'll receive a Crazier Cake, 3,000 XP and a Raging Buffalo for finishing this final goal. Good luck completing them all!

What do you think of these newest goals between Bess and Ted? Do you think you'll be able to complete them with little difficulty, or will they be a challenge? Let us know in the comments!