Hope beyond hope this Monster Hunter game will see U.S. smartphones

Monster Hunting: Massive Hunting
Monster Hunting: Massive Hunting

At least this guy will. Capcom and GREE have announced their plans to bring a Monster Hunter game to iOS and Android. Titled Monster Hunter: Massive Hunting, the game will initially release on Japanese devices this year (... and probably stay there), Siliconera reports. Sadly for the three or four U.S.-based Monster Hunter fans, the franchise simply isn't that popular here in the states.

To add insult to injury, Massive Hunting looks like an Infinity Blade-esque take on the series, seeing players go toe-to-toe with various scaled and feathered baddies in touch-based combat. Players will gather materials to create new weapons, just like in the console versions, and a "friend hunting," system, implying the game will have some sort of social features. Yeah, Capcom and GREE, just dig the knife further.

[Via Joystiq]

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