Hidden Chronicles ChefVille Quests: Everything you need to know


Not to be left out of the cross-promotional fun, Hidden Chronicles has joined the group of Zynga Facebook games that are celebrating the launch of ChefVille by offering players free items. In this case, players that are willing to try ChefVille and play the game until reaching at least Level 3 will earn rewards like hints, XP, coins, and more. We're here with a look at how you can earn these items, so let's get started.

As has been the case with other Hidden Chronicles cross-promotions recently, you'll need to complete a series of themed quests within Hidden Chronicles to actually earn your rewards. Here's a look at what these quests entail, according to the Hidden Chronicles Wiki.

A Taste of ChefVille

  • Get 2 Fancy Utensils

  • Get to Level 3 in ChefVille

Rewards: 120 coins, 125 XP, 2 Target Hints

A Taste of ChefVille 2

  • Get to Level 7 in ChefVille

  • Find a Russel Terrier in the Paris Bistro Scene

Rewards: 260 coins, 2 energy

A Taste of ChefVille 3

  • Challenge 2 Friends to FastFind Games

  • Request 4 Candles

  • Reach Level 10 in ChefVille

Rewards: 300 XP, 5 energy, 5 Target Hints

A Taste of ChefVille 4

  • Hide 3 Packages on Friends' Estates

  • Reach Level 12 in ChefVille

You'll receive 900 coins, 325 XP and a Fireplace for finishing this final themed quest, with the Fireplace being a new structure that you can build in your Manor.

It's likely that these quests will only be available for a limited time, so make sure to finish them sooner, rather than later, in order to earn all of the rewards that you can!

What do you think of these themed quests in Hidden Chronicles? Do you prefer such quest lines over straight promotions as found in other Zynga games, or do you not appreciate they extra work they give you? Sound off in the comments!