Adam Welch's Exploding Glass Table 'a Total Mystery,' He Says

One man's morning was shattered -- literally -- when, he said, his kitchen table spontaneously exploded on Tuesday, Seattle's KING 5 News reported.

All that was left of Seattle resident Adam Welch's table after the incident was the table's base and shards of glass.

"It's a total mystery," Welch told the Seattle TV station, adding that the experience was a harrowing one. "There's nothing that I can think of that would have been the foundation of this explosion."

But one expert told KING 5 that the incident actually was not so rare -- or necessarily mysterious.

"A hot pan, a bright sunny day -- things like that can cause thermal stress and cause [the table] to break," said Justin Ivy, who works at Seattle Stained Glass. "It can release that tension in the glass and cause it to just explode."

One popular housewares design company reportedly has been plagued by these types of incidents for years. Since 2003, has fielded more than 2,000 complaints of glass patio tables from Martha Stewart Everyday Living exploding, according to ABC News. In 2011, two people were reported injured when a Colorado family's table exploded.

Some customers who purchased the tables have sued the company and K-Mart, the carrier of the products, as a result of such incidents.

Nonetheless, K-Mart told ABC News in 2011 that it considered the tables to be safe. Though none of the tables appear to have been recalled, they are no longer sold, ABC News reported.

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