Doodle Jump follows the way on the ninja on iPhone and iPad

Doodle Jump update
Doodle Jump update

Now that we think of it, we're kind of surprised that it's taken this long. Lima Sky has released a big old content update to its crazy popular "endless jumper," Doodle Jump. The developer claims that this is the largest update to be released to the game since its release on the App Store over three years ago, bringing with it a new Ninja theme, new characters and power-ups.

The new Doodle Jump allows players to dress their little leaping alien up like a ninja, a sumo wrestler, a shadow and a double jumper, which allows him to perform an extra jump mid-air. Players can use a resurrect barrel to provide them with a second chance at the high score or a head start cannon that grants them a healthy head start at the beginning of each session.

And just like that, you want to play a 3-year-old iOS game all over again. It's crazy how that happens, isn't it?

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