ChefVille: Update your restaurant with Mediterranean decor

While ChefVille may be the newest game in Zynga's catalog, the developer is wasting no time in supporting the game with new content. While these items are truly decorative and mostly serve no purpose, they will allow you to add your own personal stamp on your restaurant, if you have the coins, reputation hearts and Cash available to purchase them, that is. We're here with a complete look at these new Mediterranean items, so let's get started!

Mermaid Fountain - 25,000 coins
Mediterranean Floor Lamp - 400 coins
White Planter Vase - 1,000 coins
Stone Planter Vase - 50 Hearts
Mediterranean Plant Divider - 300 coins
Mediterranean Flower Divider - 500 coins
Mediterranean Pergola - 20 Chef Cash
Classic Chef Statue - 15,000 coins

Classic Chef Grey Statue - 10 Chef Cash
Mediterranean Divider - 200 coins
Mediterranean Blacktop Divider - 200 coins
Tall Mediterranean Window - 500 coins
Mediterranean Half Wall - 5 Hearts
Mediterranean Half Wall Corner - 5 Hearts
Mediterranean Wall - 5 Hearts
Red Awning - 1,000 coins

Magenta Awning - 1,000 coins
Green Awning - 1,000 coins
Blue Awning - 1,500 coins
Cream Awning - 9,000 coins
Mediterranean Grey Brick Tile - 15 coins per square
Mediterranean Beige Clay Tile - 20 coins per square
Mediterranean Orange Clay Tile - 20 coins per square
Mediterranean Quarter Tile - 10 Hearts
Grape Vine - 200 coins

These items don't come with a time limit as of this writing, so they could very well be permanent additions to the game's store. If you're having trouble finding them, just go into the game's store menu, click on Decorations and then click on the "New!" tab that appears. It's likely that these items (if permanent) will simply be filed away with the rest of the game's existing decorations, and that this "New!" label will be constantly changing, so feel free to go shopping now while items are still relatively easy to find. Stay tuned for more of our coverage about ChefVille on Facebook!

What do you think of these new Mediterranean items in ChefVille? Will you purchase any of them to give your restaurant a new look? Sound off in the comments!

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