Jeff Foxworthy gets a Facebook game in The American Bible Challenge

The American Bible Challenge
The American Bible Challenge

Do you know your Letters to the Corinthians from your Deuteronomy? Jeff Foxworthy and GSN Games will test that in the developer's latest Facebook game, a social version of the cable network's new game show, The American Bible Challenge. Just like on TV, the game (which appears in the GSN Games app on Facebook) will challenge players' knowledge of The Good Book.

Riveting, we know. But wait, there's more! Created with help from the American Bible Society, the Facebook version of The American Bible Challenge contains exclusive content based on the cable game show series. Are you on the edge of your seat yet? According to All Facebook, American Bible Society CCO Geoffrey Morin had this to say of the game:

The American Bible Challenge app is designed to be a lot of fun. But I think people who play will discover just how much they really know about the most famous book of all time. In the American Bible Society's State of the Bible survey earlier this year, 79 percent of people surveyed said they believe they are knowledgeable about the Bible, but only 46 percent were able to correctly identify the first five books of the Bible. So clearly, there's a disconnect. From poverty to politics, environment to ethics, revolution to romance, the Bible has always addressed society's most pressing issues. A TV show centered on Bible knowledge speaks to the enduring relevance of the Bible in our everyday lives.

Clearly. this is a serious problem that needs fixing. One can only hope this Facebook game will help solve it, but that's up to you, now isn't it?

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