Would You Be Richer If Obama Or Romney Won?

Obama Romney Taxes
Obama Romney Taxes

By Gregory Ferenstein

How much cash would you have in your pocket if Barack Obama were elected? Two Berkeley students have created a fun web app, Politify, that you lets you find out how each candidate would affect your pocketbook, based on your age, income, and number of dependents. Politify's predictions are based off of non-partisan economic models of each candidate's proposed tax plans. Users can also see the impact on their neighborhood, city, or the whole country.

The inviting user interface is enough to make up for the fact that the economic implications of an election are nearly impossible to predict and the fact that Mitt Romney has infamously refused to reveal details about his tax plan. The app also can't tell users how likely they are to lose their job, the impact of healthcare costs, depreciation of the dollar, costs of foreign wars, or any of the indirect costs associated with different fiscal policies.

Still, it's a fun app. Play it here.

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