The Sims Social 'Fashionably Great' Quest: How to finish it fast

The Sims Social Fashion Week quest guide
The Sims Social Fashion Week quest guide

It's Fashion Week in The Sims Social and this week's quest is to save Littlehaven's Sims from a complete fashion catastrophe! This step-by-step guide will tell you all you need to know to finish this quest fast and receive the most rewards for doing so. Here's how to best finish this quest straight from The Sims Social team at Playfish:

Fashionably Great Part 1

  • Ask For Tyler's Advice

  • Buy the Tyler Blanks' Reform Wardrobe

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the handsomest Sim of them all? Click on a Tyler Blanks Mirror Booth and 'Ask For Tyler's Advice'. Bella has one – you should go visit her and check it out! Everyone should have a Tyler Blanks' Reform Wardrobe. Your home just isn't complete without one. Pick yours up from the shop right away. Rewards: 20 Life points, 30 Simoleons, 20 XP

Fashionably Great Part 2

  • See what a finished Tyler Blanks' Reform Wardrobe looks like (2 times)

  • Have 4 Relaxation

  • 'Do Exercises Together' with 3 Sims

Want to see what you're working up to? Visit Bella's house, click on her finished Tyler Blanks' Reform Wardrobe and 'See How It Looks' twice. Now you know! Clothes aren't everything, though. Exercise and rest are vital parts of any beauty regimen. Get four Relaxation by asking your friends or doing fun, relaxing activities. It's always more fun to work out with a friend! Visit or invite over three other Sims and 'Do Exercises Together'. Rewards: 30 Life points, 40 Simoleons, 30 XP

The Sims Social Fasion Week screens
The Sims Social Fasion Week screens

Fashionably Great Part 3

  • 'Stitch Pants' 3 times

  • Have 8 Delicious Morsels

  • Complete the 1st phase of your Tyler Blanks' Reform Wardrobe

The perfect outfit needs a perfect fit and you can't get that without good tailoring. Click on a Simoir Model Mannequin (Bella's sure to have one, if you don't) and 'Stitch Pants' three times. A diet's just no good if it isn't tasty. Collect eight Delicious Morsels through cooking and eating actions. Next complete phase one of your Tyler Blanks' Reform Wardrobe. Rewards: 40 Life points, 50 Simoleons, 40 XP

Fashionably Great Part 4

  • Get 2 Style Ideas

  • Harvest 8 Pumpkins

  • Cook Nourishing Food 2 times

All the great artists "draw inspiration" from other sources! Click on a computer and 'Get Style Ideas' twice. Did you know pumpkins are full of vitamin E which is great for your skin? Plant and harvest eight Pumpkins in your garden plots. It'll take four hours for them to bloom. Now that you have some nutritious ingredients, it's time to cook! Click on your stove and 'Cook Nourishing Food' twice. Rewards: 50 Life points, 60 Simoleons, 50 XP

Fashionably Great Part 5

  • Tell 4 friends about your fashion show

  • Show 4 Sims What You Got!

  • Complete the 2nd phase of your Tyler Blanks' Reform Wardrobe

Aren't you excited about the show? Spread the news by visiting or inviting over four Sims and tell them about the show. Plus with all this work you are doing, it's really paying off, you're looking positively radiant! Don't keep it to yourself. Visit or invite over four Sims and 'Show Them What You've Got'. Your new wardrobe is coming together nicely. It's now time to complete phase two of the Tyler Blanks' Reform Wardrobe. Rewards: 75 Life points, 100 Simoleons, 75 XP

The Sims Social Fashion Week screen shots
The Sims Social Fashion Week screen shots

Now that you've completed both stages of your Tyler Blanks' Reform Wardrobe, you're all done! Enjoy your exclusive new hat.
Rewards: 50 Life points, 50 Simoleons, 50 XP, Lady Blabla Hat

Collectibles Required:
Tyler Blanks' Reform Wardrobe
Stage 1:
Admiration (6), Bling (6), Cloth (1), Dreams (3), Entertainment (6), Fury (3), Glamor (5), Goodwill (1), Hammer (1), Love (1), Mirror (6), Nails (1), Relaxation (1), Screws (2), Wrench (5)
Stage 2:
Beauty (15), Bling (7), Buzz (9), Cloth (5), Culture (11), Delicious Morsel (5), Dreams (5), Entertainment (7), Fashion Accessories (5), Fury (6), Golden Thimble (24), Goodwill (6), Happiness (2), Hope (7), Light Box (10), Love (16), Muse (12), Relaxation (6)

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