SimCity Social Mushy Maestro Quests: Everything you need to know


Along with Brad's Burning Ambition, there's another set of new quests available to complete in SimCity Social that deal with a Japanese theme. The second quest series is called Mushy Maestro, and its final reward is a Giant Neko, which would otherwise cost you 28,000 coins to purchase in the store. You'll only have two weeks to finish them off, but we're here with a guide to completing these quests, straight from the Playfish forums, so let's get started!

Mushy Monsters

  • Use 5 Investments

  • Have a 3-Star Toy Factory

  • Collect from the 3-Star Toy Factory

You'll receive 5,000 Simoleons, 5 XP and an Imperial Palace for completing this quest.

Imperial Ambition

  • Build the Imperial Palace

  • Collect BBQs

  • Produce 1,000 Materials

The Imperial Palace takes up a lot of land space, so you might have to expand before you can place it in your city. Actually finishing the construction of the Imperial Palace requires quite a few building materials: 3 Souvenirs, 4 Hard Hats, 1 Unity, 1 Bliss, 2 Holiday Snapshots, 2 Plows. When you complete this quest, you'll earn 7,500 Simoleons and 8 XP.

Light and Dark

  • Upgrade the Imperial Palace to 1-Star

  • Complete 3 Rival Actions

  • Complete 3 Twin City Actions

You'll need 5 Ticket Stubs, 4 Medals of Bravery, 4 Harmony, 3 Lunch boxes and 3 BBQs to complete this first upgrade, along with Materials and Simoleons to fill the bar. You'll earn another 10,000 Simoleons and 12 XP for finishing this quest.

From the Ground Up

  • Upgrade the Imperial Palace to 2-Stars

  • Collect Unity

  • Start 5 Farm Crops

The second stage of the Imperial Palace upgrade requires five different items to complete: 5 Architectural Pizzazz, 5 Community, 3 Fury, 2 Trust and 5 Holiday Snapshots. After that you'll need to have over thousands of Simoleons and Materials to actually complete the upgrade. Hopefully, you have a large stockpile of both.

Monster Profits

  • Upgrade the Imperial Palace to 3-Stars

  • Produce 10,000 Simoleons

The final upgrade of the Imperial Palace requires some rather rare collectibles, but we've come too far to stop now: 2 Souvenirs, 3 Harmony, 2 Unity, 2 Bliss, and 5 Plows. To finish off this final quest and the final Imperial Palace upgrade, you'll need to click within the upgrade menu a whopping 18 times, with each click costing 5,000 Simoleons and 1,250 Materials. When you finish this quest, you'll earn the Giant Neko and will have plenty of bragging rights to share with your friends.

It's funny to think that Playfish previously stated that SimCity Social's timed quests wouldn't become "work," but this definitely seems like plenty of work to me. Perhaps the game's most dedicated players will fly through with ease, but I imagine many mid-level or casual players will struggle to finish even the first Imperial Palace upgrade. At least with this guide, you'll see what's ahead of you from the very beginning, and can decide whether or not to even bother trying.

What do you think of these Mushy Maestro quests? Do you have enough neighbors, collectibles, Materials and Simoleons to finish all of these quests off in the two weeks we have available? Sound off in the comments!