5 Surefire Ways To Turn A Part-Time Gig Into A Full-Time Job

One of the ways people are surviving in this tough economy is by cobbling together part-time or temp jobs. According to a July 2012 report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 8.2 million workers are employed part-time or in temporary positions, working without job security or benefits. Is it possible to turn these gigs into permanent jobs?

Tim Whitney, author of "The Fast Track 50 -- The Get-Ahead Guide for Temporary Employees," recommends these five tips to fast track yourself into a permanent job:

1. Dress like you're on a job interview.
It's essential that you wear conservative clothing and jewelry until you understand the work culture and learn what is acceptable on your new temp job. If you show up for work in your new temp position and you don't match the permanent employees, you may be the focus of attention for the wrong reason. Employers are looking to hire people who look like they belong. Be sure to ask your temp agency what to wear so that you are prepared to make a positive first impression that could turn into a full-time opportunity.

2. Get to know everyone.
On the first day of your new assignment plan to come in a few minutes early to introduce yourself to your new manager and, if possible, your manager's manager. It's essential to show that you have a professional persona and so they can put a name with your face and personality. The more you can make a personal connection with others in your workplace, the more they will remember you. You will showcase your self-confidence by going out of your way to introduce yourself and your positive attitude.

3. Be gracious.
Sounds obvious, but saying "please" and "thank you" are two of the most powerful (and overlooked) niceties. Managers will remember who is kind and courteous.

4. Go out of your way to be helpful.
Demonstrate a willingness to help out, even if it isn't technically your job. Managers are looking for a reason to hire you (or not) and being selfless and willing to help out rates high in employability. This behavior showcases your work ethic, attitude, and team-building skills.

5. Focus on excellence, not speed.
Being productive means producing high quality work that is right the first time. You can ramp up your speed later, but if you turn in work which is riddled with errors, you'll find it hard to win back people's trust. Time is money and if you have to redo poor quality work there can be serious consequences.

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