The Ville Kissing Booth: Everything you need to know

A bit of romance has come to the Ville, as players can now place a Kissing Booth and complete a series of quests to earn all sorts of prizes from energy boosts to cooking ingredients and more. We're here with a guide to help you complete both the building of the Kissing Booth and the quests themselves, so let's get started!

First things first, you'll need to place the Kissing Booth somewhere on your land, and you'll need to staff it with six friends by sending out individual requests to friends for help. From there, you can actually start the quests.

Package Pack Up

  • Have Madison's Package

  • Open Madison's Package

  • Collect 9 Screwdrivers

The "Package" itself is the Kissing Booth, so you can finish this quest by simply clicking on the Booth and then working on the Screwdrivers task with friends. You'll receive two XP, 100 coins and one energy for completing this quest.

Hotness in the House

  • Snap a Picture of Madison

  • Visit 3 Neighbors

  • Hide Pictures of Madison in 5 Neighbor's Kitchens

Once you reach this quest, you'll need to visit neighbors and click on their kitchen objects (cabinets and the like) to hide photos within them. You'll earn two more XP, 50 coins and an egg for completing this second quest.

Crushed Crush

  • Collect 3 Pretty Flowers

  • Tell Madison a Joke

  • Ask friends for 12 Kindness

Madison is feeling rather down, so you'll need to have your avatar interact with her and tell her a joke to cheer her up. You can also ask your friends for Pretty Flowers, or can pick your own flowers by clicking on them and choosing "Pick for a Chance to Get a Pretty Flower." Your prizes for completing this quest are two XP, 100 coins and a Magic Genie Lamp.

Sexy Delivery

  • Finish Building the Kissing Booth

  • Click on the Kissing Booth

Completing this quest gives you a quick two XP and 50 coins.


  • Complete a New Room

  • Complete the Holiday Party Job on the zPad

  • Plant 3 Red Roses

You'll earn anohter two XP and 50 coins for finishing this quest.

Kiss Her Goodbye

  • Snap a Picture of the Kissing Booth

  • Show the Pictures to Neighbors

  • Give a Kissing Demonstration to 4 Neighbors

To give the "demo," you'll need to click on a neighbor and then choose the "Kissing Demo" option. You'll receive yet another two XP and 50 coins for finishing this quest.

Pecking Practice

  • Collect 8 Lip Balm

  • Grow 5 Herbs

  • Test Kiss 3 Neighbors

The Lip Balm is earned by asking your friends to send it to you, while you'll need to click on neighbors yet again to access this new "Test Kiss" action option. You'll receive a Lot Expansion Permit, 100 coins, and two XP for finishing this particular quest.

Let the Smooching Begin!

  • Call Over 5 Neighbors

  • Introduce Madison to your Neighbor

  • Ask friends for 12 Long Stem Roses

You can click on any random neighbor to see the new "Introduce Madison" option, so don't worry about being limited there. We're almost done with this quest series, and for finishing this one, you'll receive two XP, 100 coins and another free energy point.

Kissing Booth

  • Use the Kissing Booth to Lightly Smooch Friends 3 Times

  • Use the Kissing Booth to Platonically Hug Friends 4 Times

  • Use the Kissing Booth to Make Out with Friends 5 Times

You'll earn two XP, 75 coins and an energy battery for finishing this quest.

Kissing Queen

  • Crown a Kissing King

  • Crown a Kissing Queen

  • Ask friends for 12 Truffles

To select a King and Queen, just click on neighbors and choose the options that relate to each. When you finally complete this last quest, you'll have finished the entire Kissing Booth series and will receive two XP, 100 coins and a Replica David Statue for your pad.

There isn't a time limit to complete these quests as of this writing, which is definitely a good thing considering that there are so many. Good luck completing them all in your game!

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

What do you think of this Kissing Booth and the many quests that go along with it? Sound off in the comments!

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