Robot Rising is finally ready to show what Facebook games can do

Robot Rising open beta
Robot Rising open beta

That's the idea, at least. Publisher Tencent Boston and developer Stomp Games announced that Robot Rising has entered "open beta" on Facebook. Or, as we'll put it: This action RPG has gone live. Robot Rising is an ambitious effort to prove to the traditional game fans of the world that explosive, action-packed games with deep, exciting combat are possible on Facebook.

You know, the same place that's home to FarmVille and Bejeweled Blitz? Based on what we've seen (and played) of Robot Rising, this RPG certainly looks the part, and there's no denying that it packs more explosions than the next dozen social games in line. According to Stomp Games VP and GM Jeff Goodsill, its approach seems to be working already.


"We have been thrilled at the response to the fun and quality of Robot Rising by game players of all types as well as our industry peers," Goodsill said in a release. "The ability to immediately get into high-velocity combat with just a few browser clicks has really resonated with people. Then, after just a short time the depth and diversity of the game takes over, and the player excitement jumps as the strategy and social features are discovered."

However, what will likely be most challenging for Stomp Games is to surmount the enormous stigma Facebook suffers from as a destination for casual players--that it simply can't handle the kind of game that the core audience craves. But don't be one of those people, and have an open mind. You might actually end up liking what you see.

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