VOTE!!! The Game is Infinity Blade, but with Obama vs. Romney on iOS

VOTE!!! The Game
VOTE!!! The Game

In this situation, we almost wish this were an Infinity Blade rip-off from some two-bit developer. Nope, this is Infinity Blade creator Chair Entertainment's next big game for iPhone and iPad. VOTE!!! The Game essentially takes the same play mechanics first established in the developer's gorgeous 3D brawler and slaps them onto an all-out death match--oh, sorry ... debate.

Players can choose between either the nation's incumbent commander in chief, Barack Obama, or presumed Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and whack away at the opposition with some precise finger swiping. Like its predecessor (?), players can equip their president (or hopeful) of choice with a slew of wacky weapons and outfits.

But Chair Entertainment and Epic Games will tell you this is for a good cause, as the duo has teamed up with Rock the Vote, Video Game Voters Network, and Project Vote Smart to help use VOTE!!! The Game to raise awareness about voter registration. Through the game, players will have easy access to voter registration information and even an in-game voter registration form.

"VOTE!!! is everything a great game should be-challenging, rewarding, super-fun-and players will find themselves laughing the entire time," Chair Entertainment creative director Donald Mustard said. "We're excited to join forces with Rock the Vote to help emphasize the importance of voter registration and encourage gamers to become more involved in the political process."

Who knows, maybe VOTE!!! will finally inspire thoughtful, civil discourse between voters that will better inform voting decision--we couldn't even get that one out without cracking up a bit, sorry. VOTE!!! The Game launches tomorrow for free on iOS.

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