Rogue Mover Sold Florida Woman's Belongings, Police Say

movers sell womans belongings
movers sell womans belongings

A Florida woman hired a moving company to relocate her belongings from Coral Springs, Fla., to Oklahoma City, but her stuff never made it there. Instead, the mover allegedly sold her possessions in West Palm Beach.

The woman, who requested anonymity and told a Florida TV station that she is terminally ill with cancer, said that she paid $3,000 to All Coast Transporters for the move, but police said the moving truck went to a West Palm Beach neighborhood.

"That's where somebody tried to sell the contents of that van to the resident there," West Palm Beach police spokesman Allan Ortman told local station WPBF. "He was successful in selling all the furniture in the back for $100."

A neighbor of the resident being sold the woman's belongings reportedly notified police.

According to WPBF, the owner of All Coast Transporters told officers that the man suspected of selling the possessions was a subcontractor, and police are still searching for the suspect.

"I contacted the moving company, and they were very shocked," the victim said. "There was a lot of emotion, and they were taken aback that anything like this could happen."

The owner of All Coast Transporters reportedly told police that this is the first such incident the company has seen.

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