FarmVille hits a triple crown: Double mastery, new crops, and new coin expansions


An impromptu "Player Appreciation Week" has launched in FarmVille, with plenty of rewards and new items available throughout this week and beyond. We're here with a complete look at these new features, so that you can make the most of them on your farms!

First and foremost, double mastery has been activated across all of our farms, and this includes not only the standard trees and crops, but also animals. That's right - the rare "double animal mastery" event has come back to our farms, so you'll want to bust out some Farmhands and harvest every single animal you can until this boost ends at the end of the week (sometime on Friday).

In addition to this, a series of 10 new coin crops are now available to plant and master on your farms. Most of these require you to have mastered other crops previously to unlock them, but none of them cost Farm Cash to plant (which is the most important thing). Here's a rundown of each crop and its stats.

Mercury Melon

  • Costs: 20 Coins Per Square

  • Harvest Time: 1 Day

  • Harvest For: 107 Coins

  • XP Gained: 1

Aquarius Arugula

  • Locked Until Mercury Melon is Mastered

  • Costs: 30 Coins

  • Harvest Time: 1 Day

  • Harvest For: 129 Coins

  • XP Gained: 1

Cereses Carrot

  • Locked Until Aquarius Arugula is Mastered

  • Costs: 35 Coins

  • Harvest Time 17 Hours

  • Harvest For: 122 Coins

  • XP Gained: 1


  • Locked Until Cereses Carrot is Mastered

  • Costs: 40 Coins

  • Harvest Time: 17 Hours

  • Harvest For: 136 Coins

  • XP Gained: 2

Moon Flower

  • Locked Until Capri-Corn is Mastered

  • Costs: 55 Coins

  • Harvest Time: 12 Hours

  • Harvest For 136 Coins

  • XP Gained: 2

Aries Azalea

  • Locked Until Moon Flower is Mastered

  • Costs: 60 Coins

  • Harvest Time: 12 Hours

  • Harvest For: 147 Coins

  • XP Gained: 3

Venus Fly Trap

  • Locked Until Aries Azalea is Mastered

  • Costs: 70 Coins

  • Harvest Time: 8 Hours

  • Harvest For: 135 Coins

  • XP Gained: 3

Jupiter Juniperus

  • Locked Until Venus Fly Trap is Mastered

  • Costs: 85 Coins

  • Harvest Time: 8 Hours

  • Harvest For: 152 Coins

  • XP Gained: 4

Apollo Aster

  • Locked Until Jupiter Juniperus is Mastered

  • Costs: 100 Coins

  • Harvest Time: 8 Hours

  • Harvest For: 171 Coins

  • XP Gained: 4

Celestial Camellia

  • Locked Until Apollo Aster is Mastered

  • Costs: 150 Coins

  • Harvest Time: 4 Hours

  • Harvest For: 194 Coins

  • XP Gained: 5

Next, we have a list of new land expansions that are available for coins, starting with the Frigid Realm farm in Winter Wonderland. This farm costs 2 million coins and will see your Winter farm expanded to a 34x34 size. Back on our Home Farms, we can now expand to the 36x36 Amazing Acreage for 7 million coins. That's a lot of virtual money, to be sure, but it seems worth it, if you ask me.

Finally, Claire has come back to our farms, bringing the Flea Market feature along with her. You'll be able to earn some fast, free coins by clicking on Claire in your friends' list. Remember, she will offer you different amounts of coins depending on the farm you're currently playing on, so if you don't like one set of offers, simply switch to a different farm and see if there's an offer that's more to your liking.

All in all, this week has been incredibly exciting for FarmVille players, as Zynga seems to be going down a "checklist" of things players want. Not only can we master trees, crops and animals faster for a few days, but we can also plant new crops to master along the way. Add this to new land expansions and the return of the Flea Market, and it's simply a great time to be a FarmVille player, don't you think?

What do you think of these many additions and boosts to FarmVille? Which of these new crops will you try to master first? Sound off in the comments!