Why Employers Can't Fill Jobs When Millions Are Unemployed [Infographic]

employers cant fill jobs

It's one of the strange outcomes of the Great Recession: At a time of high unemployment, when some 12 million Americans are without jobs, some employers are saying that they can't find anyone to hire.

There have been lots of explanations for this, from job candidates' lack of cover letters to employers' inability to sift through the reams of applications. In an attempt to get to the bottom of this, CareerBuilder recently surveyed 1,648 employers and 2,036 job hunters. The results were fascinating -- and reveal a deep disconnect between how employers and job hunters perceive the process.For example: More than half of employers (53 percent) said that they have "no preference" when it comes to a candidate who has a gap in the resume and a candidate who doesn't; yet, nearly 2 out of 3 (62 percent) of the candidates said that they believed their unemployed status affects their chances of finding a job.

Perhaps even more telling, nearly two-thirds of job hunters admit that they apply for jobs in which "they do not possess the required skills." Only 12 percent of candidates, though, are being told that they lack "the requisite skills."

What do you think of this gap in perception? What's causing it? Take a look at the infographic and share your thoughts in the comments seciton.

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