The odds are in favor of The Hunger Games Adventures on iPad

The Hunger Games on iPad
The Hunger Games on iPad

It seems that there's no end to the Katniss and Peeta (and that other guy) fever. Hot on the heels of finally revealing the first-ever map of The Hunger Games's map of Panem in The Hunger Games Adventures on Facebook, developer Funtactix has revealed that the social game is headed for iPad. Wired magazine has a full-blown preview of the tablet version on its website.

According to Wired, this tablet take on the branded social game "adds greater depth to the story, better graphics, and more intuitive controls." The Hunger Games Adventures on iPad can also be played without Facebook integration, which Wired notes as a plus. Other than that, this version looks quite a bit like the original, albeit underneath a touch interface.

However, players will need to start fresh on the iPad version of the game, regardless of what progress they've made on Facebook. That said, Wired notes that Funtactix is working on Facebook integration as a feature to be thrown into a future update of the game. The Hunger Games Adventures is due out on the iPad ... at some point in the near future.

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