Is a Star Wars social game--about Ewoks no less--incoming? [Rumor]


At this point, we wouldn't put rumors of a branded social game past anyone. (Jane Austen has her own social game, for Pete's sake!) Fusible reports that Lucasfilm, the parent company of game developer LucasArts and production house behind the iconic Star Wars films, has registered a web domain for "Ewok Village"--"," to be exact.

Considering Lucasfilm wouldn't touch the Ewok spin-off movies with a ten-foot lightsaber, this could mean one of two things. One, the Lucas estate has an Ewok-themed play set in the works for LEGO or something or other. Two, Lucasfilm is prepping for yet another Star Wars video game, one particularly focused on the furry little critters that helped take down the Empire in Return of the Jedi.

Our guess that it could be a social game--perhaps even a mobile social game--comes squarely from the word "Village", and a hearty serving of pure speculation. The majority of games based on major media properties with words like "village" or "town" in their titles usually end up being city-builder-style social games for either Facebook or mobile devices. And if there is one big time developer we might actually be confident in crafting an inventive social game, it's LucasArts. But Ewoks ... seriously, guys?

[Image Credit: Lucasfilm]

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