Nukotoys brings trading cards to life on iOS in Animal Planet Wildlands and Monsterology


Developer Nukotoys is looking both to the past and to the future with its first two products: Animal Planet Wildlands and Monsterology, which combine trading cards and iOS devices in two free-to-play apps that are now available to download on iTunes.

In Animal Planet Wildlands, the Animal Planet license comes to life as players are allowed to adopt wild animals and control them throughout a variety of environments in and around the savanna. Animal Planet Wildlands cards can be purchased in the real world (packs of three cost $1.99), and can then be brought to life in the game by simply tapping the card to the screen of your iPad or iPhone. Once a card is "tapped," the creature will come to life in the game, and can be controlled, raced, customized and more.

In Monsterology (based on the "Ology" book series) , trading cards contain monsters that are used in turn-based battles, where strategy and forethought are key. You'll set traps for opponents, take towers and portals under your own control and more through a variety of environments ranging from volcanos and forests to glaciers.

Both games allow for players to track their collections of cards, and even purchase virtual cards with real money if they simply don't care about the physical cards. What's more, players that simply like the idea of both games can download and play them for free without ever purchasing cards, thanks to the addition of some free cards included at launch. We'll have an opportunity to go hands-on with both games later on this week and will be sure to let you know how this trading card novelty holds up in the digital space. In the meantime, check out the video below to see exactly how these cards are brought to life in both games.

Click here to download Animal Planet Wildlands on iTunes --->

Click here to download Monsterology on iTunes --->

What do you think of this new ability to bring trading cards to life within iPad games? Have you tried either game yourself? How do you like them? Let us know in the comments!